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The laboratory is involved in the study of architecture, protocol, algorithm for mechanism for Quality of Service support over fixed and mobile networks. Extensive and in depth theoretical analysis is carried out that is strengthen with simulations and pilot implementations. Aim of the laboratory is the evaluation of the network performance, with emphasis on promoting improved and new network architectures and protocols.

The laboratory work is carried out in the framework of several research projects that are funded from the IST framework of the European Committee, national agencies like the Research Promotion Foundation,  or initiated  own projects.

The research of the laboratory is enhanced with the usage of new equipment and software form OPNET, Cisco and Microsoft.

The Networks Research Lab (NetRL) consists of 3 Laboratories

  1. Wireline and Wireless, Mobile Networks Lab,
  2. Self-Organising Networks Lab,
  3. Networks Research Lab (also used for teaching)

Prospective students please get in touch with the Labs personnel.

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Equipment and software utilized in research and undergraduate and postgraduate projects (supported by: EU funded projects, Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation, OPNET, CISCO, Microsoft, UCY, and open source, include:

     Simulation tools (also see Simulators and software systems)

       OPNET Modeller, including LTE, UMTS, WiMax, IPv6, MPLS modules

       Ns-2 for congestion control and sensor networks 

       UMTS simulators based on Ns-2 and OPNET developed as part of the European Commission funded projects SEACORN, B-BONE and C-MOBILE (budget over 4 million Euro)

       VISSIM Road transportation simulation


       Smart home system, including Smart Home framework using Web of Things (WoT)

       CISCO based

       LINUX based pilot network implementation supporting DiffServ, VoIP, SIP, IPv6 and MIPv6

       Sensor Pilot Network based on XBow Mica2,MicaZ,TelosB,Iris,Imote2 motes and BOE-Bots

     Analysis Tools

       AirMagnet WiFi IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n Analyzer and AirMagnet Spectrum Analyzer

       Perytons ZigBee/802.15.4 Protocol Analyzer

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March 5 2010, Award of an Honorary Doctorate Andrew J. Viterbi (English)
March 5 2010, Award of an Honorary Doctorate Andrew J. Viterbi (Greek)
March 18-19 2009, Short Duration Course on Computational Swarm Optimisation
Joint work with NKUA on Access Network Synthesis Game in Next Generation Networks
Lecture: Collaborative Services in Complex Systems
5th Annual Netrl Barbeque event
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