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University: University of Cyprus
Professor: Andreas Pitsillides
Laboratory: Networks Research Laboratory
Department: Department of Computer Science

OPNET Technologies
7255 Woodmont Avenue
Bethesda, MD 20814
Tel: 240-497-3000
Fax: 240-497-3001
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List of Projects that NetRL is involved
C-MOBILE: FP6 IST: Advanced MBMS for the future mobile world
MOTIVE: FP6 IST MObile Terminal Information Value addEd Functionality
M-POWER: FP6 IST Middleware platform for eMPOWERing cognitive disabled and elderly
CRUISE: NoE IST CReating Ubiquitous Intelligent Sensing Environments
LINKCARE (e-TEN): Linking Health Professionals in Emerging Care Environments
GEANT (GN2): The Next Generation of European Research Networking
  GINSENG: Performance Control in Wireless Sensor Networks

Title: A Resilient Transport Control Scheme for Metro Ethernet Services

This paper aims to enhance the transport services of Ethernet MANs by utilizing SLA information to control traffic more intelligently, to detect congestion more accurately, and to handle packet losses more adaptively. Ethernet services convert Ethernet from a best effort technology to a service level agreement (SLA) driven carrier-grade technology, extending the simplicity and flexibility of Ethernet beyond the LAN to the MAN/WAN. Although current bandwidth allocation schemes are able to reassign idle capacity and provide QoS at link layer, the end-to-end throughput in the application layer is not optimized. The performance of TCP over SLA driven Ethernet services is not adequate, because the mechanisms of TCP are designed for best effort networks. Because of the stochastic nature of Ethernet networks, a small but non-zero random loss rate is inevitable, which can be tolerated by Ethernet services, but not by TCP. In this paper, a novel SLA-aware transport control scheme is proposed to utilize reserved bandwidth more efficiently using a shifted additive increase multiplicative decrease (AIMD) algorithm, and to detect congestion more accurately using a new decision rule based on hypothesis test. The new congestion control method can keep false-alarm probability under control and therefore it increases throughput significantly. The performance of the proposed scheme is compared with traditional TCP through theoretical analyses and simulations.

Teaching: OPNET has been used for demonstration of concepts in the graduate and undergraduate subjects EPL657, EPL653, EPL420, EPL224, and undergraduate and postgraduate student projects of communication networks.


A number of papers are published in very well respected journals and conferences, with OPNET explicitly mentioned as the simulation tool. Full list of publications, please visit the Publications Section.

Partial list of publications where OPNET is explicitly referred to:

Partial list of publications where OPNET is explicitly referred to:

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